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Online Betting – A Change For The Better

Online betting is largely taken for granted by todays punters. But campared to how it was in earlier times, today’s bettors have it very, very easy indeed!
In the 1930s in Britain there were no bookie shops. Gambling was illegal, by and large. It happened, of course, but underground where the law couldn’t see it. Bets were placed with street bookies. Those who wanted to know where to look.
In 1961 things changed. The Betting and Gaming Act of that year provided the legal basis for open gambling. The illegal bookies suddenly became legal and started trading openly. Bookie shops opened up and down the length and breadth of the country at a rate of around 100 a week.
The Betting and Gaming Act of 1961 was poorly worded, and as a result it was abused in many ways. In 1970 the new Gaming Act came in to being. It was more restrictive. Much more restrictive, and casino numbers fell by a factor of 10.
Today all that is in the past as gambling has become a global activity. The Internet emerging in the 1990s changed the face of betting forever. Now people anywhere can bet just about anywhere. Bets are placed online with an easy and speed that would have made the illegal bookies of the 1930s gasp in astonishment. Take a look at this online betting resource and see for yourself.
The game is played with a single deck, each player receiving seven cards. Your cards are shown face up while the dealers hand is face down. Once you see your cards, you can decide to call or fold.
Three bets are made, The standard Ante, along with a Bonus and Jackpot bet. If you beat the dealer, you receive your payout on the Ante. If your hand matches a combination on the Bonus table, you win that bet. If either your hand or the dealers hand matches a combination on the Jackpot table, you win that bet.
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